Key (on The Table):

Game Table

Year: Self-explanatory

Week: Week number in season (for 2020, I designate playoff games as week “P#” to separate from the regular season games that were still played once the playoffs started)

Date: Date that the game in question started (some games were concluded at later dates)

Day: Day of week of date above

H/A: Home/Away.  The only games I designate as “Neutral” are the following playoff games (even if played at one of the competing schools, which happened at times in the 1970’s and ‘80’s):

  • All 1972-1998
  • Regional Semifinals onward from 1999-2019 and 2021-present (Regional Quarterfinals onward in Division I from 2013-2015)
  • State Semifinals and Championships in 2020
  • For true neutral site games in the regular season, I designate one team as home or away, based on newspaper research or how the result has been published elsewhere.

Opponent: Self-explanatory

TS: Score of team in question

OS: Score of opponent

OT: Designation of overtime, tie, or forfeit

W/L: Win, loss, or tie

Opp Conf: Opponent’s conference

OppD: Opponent’s OHSAA division

OppR: Opponent’s OHSAA region

Playoff Round: Round of playoffs if playoff game

Tm-seed: Playoff seed of team in question

Opp-seed: Playoff seed of opponent

Stadium*: Designated if neutral site game or if off-campus.  If blank, assume it was played at the designated home school (this information is far from complete)

Location: Municipality where stadium is located, if a stadium is designated

Standings Table

Year: Self-explanatory (I do not include years where the school did not field a team)

Conference: Self-explanatory

RW: Regular season wins

RL: Regular season losses

RT: Regular season ties

CW: Conference wins in regular season (for multi-division conferences, this only includes games against teams within the division)

CL: Conference losses in regular season

CT: Conference ties in regular season


  • Conference records are not included for primarily out-of-state conferences, such as the SCAA in Michigan, where Edon and Hilltop competed in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

PW: OHSAA playoff wins

PL: OHSAA playoff losses

Div: OHSAA division for season in question

Reg: OHSAA region for season in question

Rank: Team’s end-of-season rank within their region


  • For 1974, the final OHSAA rankings on their website cut off after the 54th ranked team for regions 1-8; therefore, for teams ranked below 54th in those regions, I do not have division, region, or ranking listed.  On the ‘Points’ table, I make my best guess as to which region they belonged in, based on research and region assignment in preceding and/or subsequent seasons
  • For 1978 and 1979, the final OHSAA rankings on their website delineate the rankings after week 10 of 11.  In preparation for the 1980 playoff expansion, the OHSAA allowed teams, in 1978 and 1979, to play 10 games within an 11 week span, similar to what college football has done for decades.  Therefore, week 11 results are not reflected in those published standings.  On the ‘Points’ table, I include an additional column for actual final ranking, as I was able to find how the top 10 in each region finished after week 11, but I have yet to find anything beyond that.  If I can find an updated full copy of the standings after week 11 for those seasons, I will update accordingly.


Games that are NOT included in this table include the following (these may get separate subsections in the future):

  • 8-man games
  • Regular season games that take place once the playoffs have started (even though there may be games in/around the last week of the regular season that may not have factored into playoff ranking calculations, my line of demarcation is that any regular season game played up until the day before the start of the playoffs is included).
    • Note: 2020’s games that took place once the playoffs started ARE included here, as computer rankings were not used to determine playoff seeding in that season
  • Games against JV opponents (this was commonplace in the 1970’s, where a larger school’s JV would play against a smaller school’s varsity; Mentor JV vs. Fairport for example)
  • Games against club teams or those which are designated as not counting in the calculation of OHSAA points
  • Postseason league championship games (commonplace in inner-city leagues):
    • Note: the Toledo City League had a wild-card placeholder in week 10 for many seasons, in which all 13 teams would have a game, but not know their opponent until the last week, based on standings.  Those games ARE included here.
    • On the contrary, the Akron City Series for many years had their league semifinals in the last week of the regular season.  Those games are NOT included here.

Clarifications about schools

  • ‘Akr. Garfield’ is the current school and includes Kenmore-Garfield’s history. ‘Akron Garfield’ is the previous school that existed up through the 2016 season.
  • ‘Lemon-Monroe’ is the school currently known as Monroe (I left the ‘Lemon’ in to avoid confusion with Monroe Central)
  • ‘Lorain’ contains both iterations of the school; the Steelmen who existed up through the 1994 season, and the Titans, who started in 2010
  • ‘Ponitz Tech’ is considered to be the continuation of ‘Patterson’
  • ‘Thurgood Marshall’ is considered to be continuation of ‘Colonel White’
  • ‘Villa Angela-St. Joseph’ is considered to be continuation of the program of ‘Cleveland St. Joseph.’  By comparison, ‘NDCL’ and ‘Cathedral Latin’ are considered different programs because the dormant Cathedral Latin was merged into Notre Dame Academy.
  • ‘Youngstown East’ contains both iterations of the school; the Golden Bears who existed up through the 1997 season, and the Panthers (now Golden Bears), who started in 2007

On ‘The Matchups’ page:

For each matchup, the games included in each listing are limited to those included in ‘The Table’ per above. If I do not have a score for a game and do not know who won/lost, it is not included.

Schools that have been renamed are all listed under the school’s most recent name, even if every matchup between a renamed school and a particular opponent occurred while the renamed school had its former name (Example: The Buckeye West-Edison North matchup is listed as such, but all its games were played while Edison North was known as Stanton). Renamed schools include the following:

  • ‘Cleveland St. Joseph’ => ‘Villa Angela-St. Joseph’
  • ‘Colonel White’ => ‘Thurgood Marshall’
  • ‘Dublin’ => ‘Dublin Coffman’
  • ‘Glouster’ => ‘Trimble’
  • ‘Hilliard’ => ‘Hilliard Davidson’
  • ‘Kenmore-Garfield => ‘Akr. Garfield’
  • ‘Patterson’ => ‘Ponitz Tech’
  • ‘Pickerington’ => ‘Pickerington Central’
  • ‘Portsmouth East’ => ‘Sciotoville Community’
  • ‘Stanton’ => ‘Edison North’
  • ‘Sylvania’ => ‘Sylvania Northview’
  • ‘Twin Valley North’ => ‘Tri-County North’
  • ‘Westerville’ => ‘Westerville South’
  • ‘Youngstown Christian’ => ‘Valley Christian’