Welcome to OHHSFBDB.net, the historical resource for scores for Ohio high school football teams from 1972 to 2023.  I started this project back in 2013, when I realized that there was no one central source one could go to look up past results going back that far.  Joe Eitel has the results going back to the 1999 season, but I wanted to encompass the entire playoff era.  All 818 teams to have been OHSAA-playoff eligible since 1972 have individual pages, and has their entire history in one place, including season records, conference records, and regional playoff rankings.

Additionally, there is a listing of the final OHSAA regional playoff rankings for every season between 1972 and 2023 (I only include the ranking and not the actual point totals themselves because of variation in the calculation system over time and the fact that on many of the older rankings copies, the numbers can be quite hard to read).

  • In this, I also include the teams’ regular season records; in instances where no record is shown, that is because I do not have that team’s complete won-loss data for that season
  • For 1974, the final OHSAA rankings on their website cut off after the 54th ranked team for regions 1-8; therefore, for teams ranked below 54th in those regions, I do not have division, region, or ranking listed.  On the ‘Points’ table, I make my best guess as to which region they belonged in, based on research and region assignment in preceding and/or subsequent seasons (these guesses are not included on the individual team pages).
  • For 1978 and 1979, the final OHSAA rankings on their website delineate the rankings after week 10 of 11.  In preparation for the 1980 playoff expansion, the OHSAA allowed teams, in 1978 and 1979, to play 10 games within an 11 week span, similar to what college football has done for decades.  Therefore, week 11 results are not reflected in those published standings.  On the ‘Points’ table, I include an additional column for actual final ranking, as I was able to find how the top 10 in each region finished after week 11, but I have yet to find anything beyond that.  If I can find an updated full copy of the standings after week 11 for those seasons, I will update accordingly.

Please note that I do not have EVERY result from 1972 onward, just 99.8% of them based on my tracking model (The model estimates that, at most, 191,376 games were played between 1972 and 2022; of those, I have complete results for 190,911; leaving at most 465 games where I am missing some info).  For some games, I know the winner, but do not know the score.  For others, I may know the score, but I do not know which team was home.  And for others, I may not know the score at all.  Additionally, considering that this encompasses over 190,000 games and 51 seasons, I am perfectly aware that I may have a score incorrect (in my error checking, I found numerous instances in which the AP wire had the score correct, but indicated the incorrect team winning).  If you see a score or detail that you believe to be incorrect, you can email me at ohhsfbdb@gmail.com and I can update the site with any necessary corrections.

The compilation of the data on this site was sourced from the following:

  • Newspapers.com
  • Newspaperarchive.com
  • Newsbank archives for The Plain Dealer
  • Newsbank archives for The Columbus Dispatch (served by the Columbus Metropolitan Library)
  • Google News
  • ‘The Salem News’ archive (served by the Salem Public Library)
  • Advantage-Preservation.com
  • OHSAA.org
  • FourSeasonsFootball.com (West Virginia-centric site)
  • AlmanacSports.com (Indiana-centric site)
  • Michigan-Football.com (Michigan-centric site)
  • Yappi.com (Yappi Football Records Project)
  • JoeEitel.com
  • Angelfire.com/oh3/HighSchoolFootball (1999 results)

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